Our Management Team


Mert is an electrical electronics engineer with 10+ years of medical device background and a tech start-up mentor. He shared his experiences, knowledge and network with many SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs to commercialize and internationalise. 

Mert is a social team member of the company. He is passionate about connecting different companies and building a cooperation network. His main focus is medical, electronics and innovative technology-based projects. He has his shares and duties in other companies/organizations.

He is the founder of Refo Consulting. 


Experienced Business Partner and Mentor with a background in the information technology and services industry. Serve as a Management Consultant and Strategist for Innovative Companies. Skilled in Business Development, Innovation Management, R&D Project Development, and Management.

He is a passionate Serial Entrepreneur that has one successful exit and has one ongoing startup, but also several false experiences too. And also a technology person who tries to invent some hi-tech products that are innovative and effective. That is why he has 1 patent, 1 petty patent, and 3 trademarks.

He is a co-founder of Refo Consulting.